Another Wasteless Week

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Wonky Veg worships Thomas Luttikhold. He is a chipper and buoyant young fellow from Holland, who – in the confines of his ‘crappy kitchen’ – is on a mission to fight food waste.

In his YouTube channel, Another Wasteless Week, Luttokhold delivers fun, offbeat, yet practical videos consisting of tips, tutorials and recipes where he embraces scraps, loves his leftovers and cultivates sad looking herbs into flourishing happy herbs. Everything from a cucumber gazpacho recipe, a leek regrowing tutorial, a pineapple slicing guide and a basil sprouting how-to, are included in his channel – all delivered in his uniquely perky and positive way.

Here is Luttikhold explains his idea for Wasteless Wednesday, and how he can make you save money and the planet with his weekly dose of waste-busting tips.

As the festive season is approaching, here is his mulled wine recipe created with leftover poached pear juice saved from his earlier poached pear recipe.

We also admire his dedication to root cultivation. If you share a similar dedication and patience, check out his ginger regrowing tutorial – which takes all of…six months.

We praise you Thomas – as they say in Dutch – ‘Ga zo door met het goede werk!’ (keep up the good work).


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