Do the Green Thing

Eat-Ugly-by-Harriet-Stansall1-562x793This is an oldie – but its a goodie. Back in March environmental charity Do The Green Thing hooked up with WWF UK to launch a month long poster campaign to mark Earth Hour on the 29th March.

Some of the world’s finest designers and artists have created posters which aim to galvanise people into action to live sustainably. The poster campaign urges people to take simple green actions at home, work or school, from walking, cycling, eating a little less meat, switching off lights and appliances and enjoying a jumper or a hug instead of whacking up the heating on a cold day.

Do The Green Thing co-founder Naresh Ramchandani said: “Creativity is a powerful tool, able to inspire, seduce, provoke and persuade people to do things that they otherwise would not have considered.”

Here are Wonky Veg’s food and sustainability favourites.

From-Waste-To-Wonderful-by-Mel-Duarte-18_23-562x794  Quentin-Blake-WEB-01-562x794Make-The-Pledge-by-Nikki-Miles-562x793 Bananas-by-Olimpia-Zagnolia-562x793 Matt-Elliott-WEB2-562x794 PeachFinal_GROWTH_517 Harriet-Stansall-012-562x794 BuyLessPlayMore-562x794 EatUgly_tomato-peach_web_905Carina-Dewhurst-01-272x384Sophie-Thomas-WEB21-562x793Rankin-Low-Res-562x794




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